CRUMBS show in the style of Walker Part 1

The Festival in Berlin had a theme this year, and it was improv performances in the style of... CRUMBS were asked to choose a Canadian playwright and after researching the topic we discovered that Canada indeed had some playwrights. We then chose George F. Walker. It then turned out that Walker was the only living playwright included in the Berlin Festival. This is the first show we did.

It started out with a cop who had gone bad (police was one of the suggestions). He has turned in his badge and gun and misses them badly. His partner is still crooked and is still dealing drugs.

He visits a mob boss at a cafe (lee has little no coffee knowledge) to try and get some more drugs and keep working in the criminal underworld. His wife is pregnant and he doesn't know. He becomes a mall cop to make ends meet (of course all his cop buddies make fun of him).

He is instructed to deliver a mysterious stuffed bunny (which is the other suggestion from the audience, but actually in the form of an actual stuffed bunny). He is also instructed to kill the chief of police. His wife thinks the stuffed bunny is for her and keeps it.

So, he fucks up, kills police chief, his partner dies... It doesn't end well for this crooked cop.