CRUMBS show in the style of Walker Part 2

An accountant (suggestion #1) who has stolen money and he evades the gangsters who are after him. He leaves behind his wife a child. He travels in classic "stealing a bunch of money" style, with a suitcase stuffed with cash.

We meet his son who allergic to bees and has an epipen. Epipen is suggestion #2 and we actually get an epipen from someone in the audience (who is allergic to bee stings, we of course tell him that any time during the show, if he gets stung to just grab the epipen). Oh oh, Dad accidentally brought the epipen with him when he left... Oops.

We meet the gangsters (one tall, one small) follow him to a hotel he is hiding out in.

His son falls for a school girl who makes him pick flowers. Flowers means bees, bees mean bee stings... Oops. He gets stung by a bee.

The gangsters catch up with dad but then he kills gangster by stabbing the epipen in the gangsters back.

Visits wife and son at hospital, but then he must continue to live in hiding. Another tragic ending for CRUMBS and Walker.