CRUMBS in Konstanz

Konstanz (aka Konstanztanople, K-town, Special K) is the town in Southern Germany with glorious weather and a beautiful lake. There is a lovely impro group called Gmbh there that we play with. This is what happened.

CORRECTION: The group is called Tmb-Hug not Gmbh. Oops.

story 1 = A girl golfer whose dad hates golf, falls in love with the new golf pro Lion Woods.

story 2 = A samurai story. The father sends his incompetent son and amazing daughter off to become samurai. I am afraid that while in battle the daughter accidentally kills her brother. She then brings the body home to her father and lies to him, telling him he died honourably in battle.

story 3 = A fantasy story with an orc who drums on the street and helps people. Turns to the dark side but then the power of the drum brings him back to the side of good.

story 4 = A young married couple. He dreams of skateboards while she is a total bitch. He eventually escapes her clutches and gets a skateboard.

story 5 = Documentary about puffer fish. Interviews with a biologist, a sushi chef, a fisherman and the president of the Toxic Waste Spilling Company. Does the puffer fish survive the pollution in it's natural habitat?

And here is the theatre we play in.