CRUMBS in Leuven (I'm Leuven it)

So I posted something about the battle that is ongoing between the Swiss and Belgium chocolate. I also posted about the ongoing battle between Belgium and German over beer dominance. I mentioned that I was involved in ongoing research. This was the the smarted thing I ever could have done.

Well, I arrive in Belgium to chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Let me tell you Switzerland, you had better pull up your funny looking pants because Belgium made some impressive headway in the war for chocolate mastery. I also have to mention that I experimented with some lovely Belgian beer as well (Karmaleit) though usually just go for I a nice clean pilsner.

Now Belgium not only delivered fine beers and chocolates, they also delivered in the food category. No I am not just talking about fries (belgian/french fries), we also got treated to gourmet meals while in Leuven. Though Lee did go to “war” a couple of times. “War” in french fry terms is like the Belgian version of Canada's famous “poutine”. Instead of the gravy and cheese curds on fries, the Belgians do their fries up with ketchup, mayo and onions.

The shows and workshops were also very nice in Belgium, and we had a very nice time with our hosts “Inspinazie”. The shows were in fact as good, if not better than all the chocolate and beer. In the next post I will go into further detail about the show content.