CRUMBS did another show

CRUMBS has done yet another killer show at the King's Head during this (our 14th year) at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. The show was amazing yet again, like really amazing. So our first two shows were great, when is the stinker going to be? Being at a CRUMBS show that is a stinker is quite an experience, so you should come on down and see if we will stink up the joint.

We are doing shows every night of the Fringe at the King's Head pub. Saturday at 10:15, Sunday at 10:15, Monday at 10:15, Tuesday at 10:15, Wednesday at 9pm, Thursday at 10:15, Friday at 11:15 and finally Saturday at 11:15. You should really come.

We had puppies and those that whisper to dogs, we had golfing and we even eluded to a key party.