CRUMBS is 1/2 way through the Fringe

So the CRUMBS show is still running at the Winnipeg Fringe. We have done 5 shows and we have 5 shows left. This is the "hump" and we now slide down the slippery slope to the light at the end of the tunnel. (Is that enough of some mixed metaphors for you?). Now, in a run of 10 improv shows at least one show should be a "stinker", at least one show should "bomb". So far we haven't done this, we have only put on stellar shows, to use the proper term, we are on point.

We have explored
: elevator repair, bikini waxing, dog sleds, butchers, smart pigs, The Mother Tree, hippies, garden gnomes, Antartica, and saunas. So as you can see, no topic is left untouched. We are brave brave improvisers.

We have 5 shows left:

Tuesday, July 19th at 10:15pm
Wednesday, July 20th at 9pm
Thursday, July 21st at 10:15pm
Friday, July 22nd at 11:15pm
Saturday, July 23rd at 11:15pm

Reviews? Well, if you even follow or believe the reviews. Personally, I find I need to judge for myself.

Free Press 4.5 Stars

CBC Website 4 Stars

Uptown Magazine 4 Stars

Don't wait until the last minute to get your tickets, show up early or buy your tickets online. Then come down to the King's Head Pub early and follow this handy guide:
1) Get a good seat
2) Order some delicious food
3) Order several satisfying beverages
4) Laugh ass off
5) Tell other people about your amazement
6) Repeat

Thank you