CRUMBS in Europa Fall 2011

Now that the Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival 2011 is over CRUMBS can now jump on a plane and fly to Europe for our Euro Touro 2011 part 2. The improv festival was such a smooth success this year with such great guests and such great shows and such great hang-outs. Winnipeg is a buzz and inspired.

The CRUMBS tour this fall is part 2  because normally we tour in the springtime, but this year we are touring again in the fall. It will be nice to see what Europe looks like in the fall instead of always enjoying the spring. It will also be nice seeing all the lovely Euro folks again so soon and giving them some CRUMBS love. We will also be touring with the amazing Dj Hunnicutt in Europe for longer than we have in the past too, so now more people can fall in love with him too.

See you at the shows,

For our European Tour schedule this fall CLICK HERE!