CRUMBS in Oslo. The tour begins.

So the tour has begun and CRUMBS with Dj in tow are in Europe on this fall tour of 2011. Is Europe that much different in the fall than it is in the spring? Well, for one it starts off really sunny and warm and then slowly gets all rainy and cold. I guess just like fall in North America. We are more the same than I realized.

Our tour began in Oslo, lovely Oslo. The first time we ever went to Oslo it was cold, rainy and crappy. Every time we have been back since, Oslo has improved. This year when we arrived they were just starting the warmest late September ever. Weather is huge when you're on tour.

Oslo also has just opened their very own improv theatre called Der Anere Teater (which translates into “The Other Theatre”). This theate is.... BEAUTIFUL! When we stepped into the space it immediately felt comfy, familiar and warm. Its the same as when you eat a meal and you can taste the love. You can feel the love put into building this theatre.

We played two shows, one was a CRUMBS classic and the other was a mixed show with our friends in Oslo. The shows involved “plumber” (a classic suggestion, thanks Oslo) and “pizza place” (another classic suggestion). We played with a rich girl who bought everything she needed, the story behind why you never wave anything white at Northern Lights, Alberto's Pizza Shop and how it is the most romantic place for a date.

We had great shows and great times in Oslo. We wondered the streets, we found out where the good coffee was and we were fed the most amazing food at the theatre (sandwiches with three layers drizzled with olive oil... mmmm). But like anywhere and everywhere on our tour, it came time to move on. We went to the airport (the correct airport... not like that one time...) and waved goodbye to Norway and hello to Zurich.