CRUMBS in Mannheim

Finally we are in Germany. We return to Mannheim, which is the second oldest place we've been. Let me clarify what that means. Mannheim is the second city we ever toured to, so for us, Berlin is the oldest city and Mannheim is number two. Anyways, we played our shows at the TiG7, which is a wonderful little theatre that we love so much, it is always comfortable and relaxed, while the audiences are always so loud and into what we are doing. Great!

 Us CRUMBS just hanging out before the show.
 Hunnicutt's gear all set up.
 Lee and Tyler kissing a pitbull on the streets of Mannheim.

The Shows

The story of a man who only eats sandwiches, and embarrasses himself and a friend at a Chinese Food Restaurant. He just cannot handle the spicy soup. We also follow an amateur model who refuses to be paid for the work she does, she feels as though it would spoil the purity of modelling to accept money. The sandwich addict realizes that sandwiches are getting in the way of his relationship and must do something to cure himself, and he sets on a mission to create the most disgusting sandwich ever to make him lose his desire. The model falls for a photographer who takes the “perfect” picture of her. This picture causes world peace. She unfortunately gets disfigured while in the darkroom with the harsh developing chemicals. The sandwich man makes a spicy soup sandwich and it works, saving his marriage.

We also did a mixed show with Drama Light which we saw us all explore: -The dangers of choosing Fanta over Coca-Cola.
-Getting trapped in a treasure chest.
-The super hero “The Typist” defeat “The Flooder”.
-An unlikely romance between a lumberjack and a belly dancer.

Oh shows, must you always be a crazy delight? Yes, yes you must.

Next stop? Off days in Amsterdam.