CRUMBS shows in Switzerland

Yes, we also did some kick ass shows.

Here is a little list of the storylines we weaved in Zurich...
-a computer who becomes real by being downloaded into a book.
-an crabby old bookstore owner who has to close because nobody reads anymore.
-coincidentally, a brand new apple store opening (the day before Jobs passes away).
-a hairstylist that realizes that beauty makes people shallow, she learns the hard way of course.
-a person addicted to IKEA

Then there is the show we did in Baden...

Story #1 involves a pet store owner who hates animals. Little boy who wants a turtle. Turns out the turtle is the only animal the old store owner actually likes. The boy wants a pet to teach him about death (because his father will probably die and his father wants him to be prepared). He loses the turtle and it finds its way back to the old man. The young boy gets a job at the pet store to pay his dad back for all the fuck ups he has caused and ends up sharing the turtle with the old man.

Story #2 involves a couple is moving up in the world and have bought a new house that makes them sophisticated... she redecorates and buys an old tapestry. The tapestry, and like all old tapestries, it is highly flammable. A fire happens and they use a fire extinguisher together to put out the flames, but it is too late. They are forced to move back into their old house and their old life. Not before helping in a sting operation to take down the crooked tapestry dealer who has been using extra flammable tapestries as a tool for arson.

Next stop? Back to Germany!