CRUMBS in Switzerland

 Tyler and Lee enjoying some food in Zurich.
 Tyler window shopping for the most expensive watches.
 Looking down the mountain of Zurich.
 The Zurich Apple store after the passing of Steve Jobs.
 The lobby of the new venue we played in Baden. And below, is the back stage antics we get up to (We have fun don't we).
And then we continue on from one EXPENSIVE city to another! Oslo and Zurich are two of the most expensive cities in the world. (see But both are such lovely cities that it is worth it.

Our second stop was in Zurich with shows at the Miller's studio thanks to EIT. We haven't played at the Miller's Studio in years and it was just as beautiful and professional as we remember it. Zurich is often in the running, along with Vancouver, as the best city to live in. We can see why, what with the amazing lake and mountains and all the bankers walking along the streets... Okay, maybe the bankers aren't quite so captivating. But yes, as always, the food was amazing. It seems that the older I get, the more food is what I care about most.
Oh Zurich, why do you have to be so expensive? Well, we then set off to a little town just outside of Zurich called Baden.
We did our show at a new spot. RIP the Ventil and hello to Stanzerei. While we will miss the cozy Ventil and the wonderful staff there, our new home in Baden is pretty damn good, they even named some drinks after us...

Well, goodbye Switzerland, you were great. Now we head into Germany.