CRUMBS returns to the King's Head!

Now, before I do the rest of my updates about the CRUMBS Euro Touro Fall 2011 edition, I must tell you all that we are all back in Winnipeg and will be returning to the King's Head for the Free Laughs Comedy shows.

Soooooooooooooooo, that means you should go to the King's Head this Tuesday and every Tuesday after that.

Why this Tuesday?

Well, this Tuesday is December 6th and marks our triumphant return to Winnipeg stages. You will like it and remember how much you've missed us.

Why every Tuesday?

Well, because every single Tuesday there is a comedy show that happens at the King's Head pub as part of the Free Laughs Comedy Series.

For the Facebook event page, CLICK HERE

For a map to the King's Head Pub, CLICK HERE

For the Free Laughs Comedy Series Group Page, CLICK HERE

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