Doing an Improv Show in London!

So I am "jumping the queue" as they say in London... I think they say that. And I hope to return to posting the order of the CRUMBS Fall Euro Touro 2012, but I had to interrupt the regular (semi-regular) blog posts to update you all about an upcoming show.

As I am currently in London right now and on Wednesday, Nov 30th I am doing an improv show with Ryan Millar (from Vancouver/Amsterdam/Rome/Belgium/London) and some other guy (from VTSL I think). The will be a Catch23 show (so shout outs to Kurt Smeaton!).

I also got to hang out with the one and only Mr. Robert Slade in London (worth the trip).

Touring has been pretty awesome. After the CRUMBS tour proper Angie and I have hopped from Wuerzburg to Berlin to Paris to London. Amazing times!
The Streets of Paris.
 The Eiffel Tower. They should really build another one that is twice as big.

And now I hope you all come to the improv show in London, or tell people you know in London to come to the show show in London.

Here is where you tell them to go. Click the LINK!