CRUMBS 2011 and 2012

Hello readers of internet words,

I am so glad you are reading this (and I know that you are). I appreciate you reading this as I know there are so many words and articles and essays and blogs and more words and even more words to choose from. Thank you.

First, here is video proof of CRUMBS performing at the TEDx in Munich. More on that later.

CRUMBS just finished the Annual 2 Hour New Years Special on 101.5 UMFM. We did in fact look back on 2011 and we did in fact peer into the upcoming year (2012 for those that are keeping track). Here are some of the results:

Top News Story:
The Arab Spring/Occupy movement

Biggest Death:
Osama Bin Laden

Most Shocking Death:
Stephen = Jack Layton (NDP Leader)
Lee = Ryan Dunn (Jackass)

Best Actor (who died):
Elizabeth Taylor

Honourable Mention:
Stephen = Joe Bodolai (SNL, Canadian comedy pioneer)
Lee = Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H)

We also had some predictions for 2012. We made our picks for who would die in 2012 9I know, morbid right?). I also made my very very serious predictions for the world in 2012.

You can download all the CRUMBS radio show podcasts HERE.

Also folks, you can, and should, come on down to the King's Head Pub this Tuesday to witness the first CRUMBS show of 2012. Every single Tuesday at the King's Head (as I am sure you know) there is a free comedy show, this Tuesday happens to be the amazing CRUMBS improv show. Yes the next CRUMBS show is Tuesday, Jan 3rd at 9pm!

You can see the facebook event page HERE.

Map to the King's Head is HERE.

Also also, CRUMBS took part in the TEDx Munich in 2011. We did a performance that as inspired by, and a little parody of, the talks we saw at the conference before we hit the stage. TED was a conference that started in 1984 as a platform for ideas (TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design) and it has since become a global series of talks and meetings between smart smartypants all over the world. If you like soaking up ideas and listening to smart people talk, you can get lost on the TED website... go ahead.

To get to the TED website click HERE

To get to the TED youtube channel click HERE

To get to the TEDx youtube channel click HERE

Upcoming shows you need to know about?

January 27th, 2012
A special improv show with CRUMBS and Impromptu Splendor. You are going to want to see this show. Imagine a stage with some of the best improvisers in the world performing together... and its not even during the improv festival!
More details TBA, stay tuned.

January 31st, 2012
Another version of the comedy game show show "Kings of the King's Head". This is a crowd favourite, so show up EARLY!

And of course, you can always tune in to the CRUMBS radio show live on 101.5 UMFM and listen to Lee and Stephen talk every single Monday at 5pm.

Tune in to the CRUMBS radio show on the internet HERE