CRUMBS does shows with friends!

Before we start gushing about how amazing our friends are and how we get to do shows with some pretty amazing people, here is the latest CRUMBS video of a live performance we did in Berlin without the help of any of our friends.

Now that that's out of the way... CRUMBS is sometimes lucky enough to do some improv shows with other amazing performers. This helps CRUMBS stay fresh and at the same time steal other people's good ideas (which is really what makes any artist great right?).

We have two of these "We're stealing all your good ideas" shows coming up in January and you should come to both of them and see how great our friends are. You can then also be there to see us actually steal their ideas and be able to tell your friends that you know where we get all our good ideas from.

Tuesday, January 10th
This show is at the King's Head as part of the ongoing Free Laughs Comedy Series, so you know its free. But this "CRUMBS & Friends" show (as we like to call it) we have two special guests joining us. The first is the audience favourite FRAZ. The second is the audience other favourite (or at least she would be if she came out and performed more) TRISH COOPER. Yes, the Trish Cooper from the legendary Winnipeg sketch comedy troupe "The Royal Leichtenstein Theatre Company". Very cool show folks, very cool.

Friday, January 27th
This show will be at the ECC (which is just a way cooler way of saying "The Exchange Community Church, because really, who thinks performing at a church sounds cool?). The venue is at 75 Albert Street and will be a midnight show. Oh, I haven't even told you who the special guests are yet... The NATIONAL THEATRE of the WORLD! Yes, it turns out our friends from TNTOTW (actually they prefer their name to be shortened to N.T.O.W. I think) are in town doing their amazing improv show at the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre and are going to do an extra show with us. These folks are great and you should not only come and see this show but also go and see their other show too.

Here are some videos by the members of this group in a series they did called "Bad Stories":

Time for LINKS!

How to get to the King's Head!

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