More CRUMBS pictures of touring 2012

Well this often ignored website is getting just a little love. Glad you dropped by. We are currently just a little over half-way through our spring tour of 2012. Spirits are high and energy levels are dropping. We need to refuel and recharge to keep our show "on point".

 Stephen taking a picture of himself by himself somewhere in London.
 Bunch of crazy Brits wearing yellow suits. I think they're in a band.
 One crazy Brit dressed in yellow, this time as a chicken. I think he's in a band.
 Look kids, its Big Ben.
 The cloudy stormy clouds as a cross the Thames to the Tate Modern.
 The neato sculpture outside the Tate Modern.
 Mikey Fehr and Robert Slade representing Winnipeg at the CRUMBS premiere in London.
 Wait... more Winnipeggers showed up at our CRUMBS premiere in London.
 Holy Jeeeez, look at all the Winnipeg at the CRUMBS premiere in London!
 Solving cubes and drinking wine in Graz with Trizi (blurry) and Jacob (smiley).
 Lee explaining the secrets of the cube to Jacob and Trixi (still blurry).
Lee and Nadine in Wuerzburg. Spring is finally arriving in Europe.

Still more touring to do. Still more shows to do. Still more workshops to lead. Still more pictures to take.

So there. I uploaded some pictures. I have given this website some love and attention and so have you. Thank you.