CRUMBS International Improv Company

CRUMBS is a duo with a Dj
CRUMBS is an improv company
CRUMBS is a comedy troupe
CRUMBS is improvisational theatre
CRUMBS is freestyle comedy
CRUMBS is a radio show
CRUMBS is an improv school
CRUMBS is a festival
CRUMBS is a show
CRUMBS is Stephen Sim and Lee White
CRUMBS is playing with Dj Hunnicutt

CRUMBS is an international improv duo from Winnipeg that first formed in 1997. They have been touring all over the world with their stripped down lo-fi improv comedy theatre show. They've also been known to perform stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, write, direct, produce and be awesome. They also are lucky enough to be able to perform with Dj Hunnicutt, who happens to be an amazing Dj that really "gets it".

The next places to see CRUMBS:

CRUMBS will be going on tour in Europe in the fall of 2012. So you can go see their shows there if you want to.

After they get back home in Winnipeg you'll want to catch one (or all) of their shows at the King's Head on Tuesday nights.

CRUMBS will also be returning to the FREE LAUGHS Comedy Shows. The shows are FREE and at 9:00 PM every single Tuesday night at the King's Head Pub.
The shows rotate between improv, stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, alternative concept comedy and other hilarious hilarious comedy.
All you have to know is that every Tuesday at the King's Head Pub there is a FREE COMEDY show! 
You can also tune in to the CRUMBS radio show on 101.5 UMFM. The show is live every Monday at 5:00 PM CST. You can tune in on your old fashioned radio to 101.5 FM. You can tune in on your futuristic computer type machine at LISTEN ONLINE. Or you can lazily download the podcast at PODCASTS.

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