CRUMBS and the Winnipeg Improv Festival

 So the Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is just about to start. The theatre is getting ready for awesomeness on the stage. The posters are being hung on lamp posts with care. Out of town guests are packing all their funniest underwear. The local improvisers and comedians are crossing off the days on their calendars. Audiences are starting to camp outside the Gas Station Arts Centre for tickets like they're a brand new Apple product. And finally, Winnipeg prepares for another festival honouring the artform of making it up.

As you may or may not know CRUMBS is behind the scenes making sure all the "making up" goes off without a hitch. This post is all about where you can catch CRUMBS while the festival starts up and roars into gear.

Monday, Nov 5th at the King's Head Pub
Before the festival even starts you can catch CRUMBS as guests on the Week Thus Far TV show live taping for Shaw TV.

Tuesday, Nov 6th at the King's Head Pub 9pm
The official launch of the Improv Festival. This show is hosted by CRUMBS and features some of the acts that will be showcased in the festival. The show is free and the party continues after the show with some music, some food, some drinks and gooooooood times.

Wednesday, Nov 7th at the Gas Station Theatre 8pm
The Dungeons & Dragons Improv show will feature Lee White of CRUMBS. But you should really check out this amazingly bloody and hilarious show.

Thursday, Nov 8th at the Gas Station Theatre 8pm
The Comedy Showcase show will feature the likes of Mark Little (of Picnicface fame) and Joe Bill (from Chicago) as well as the sketch comedy of Hot Thespian Action (Winnipeg Comedy Festival) and Bucko (from Vancouver). Wait, there's also the local stand-up of Aisha Alfa, Mike Green and Matt Nightengale. No CRUMBS? No problem. This show's gonna rule.

The video that made Picnicface internet famous:

Mark Little doing some stand-up:
Hot Thespian Action is from Winnipeg?

Friday, Nov 9th at the Gas Station Theatre 8pm
The Mainstage show will feature CRUMBS and the rest of the amazing festival ensemble (Mark Little, Joe Bill, Kirsten Rasmussen, Julian Faid, Jessie McPhee, Fraz Wiest and members of Outside Joke). What's that? Also the amazing Dj Hunnicutt? Okay.

Wait! If you stick around after the show you'll see that there's a late night show that starts at 11 p.m. at the theatre. It's Lee White's game show themed improv show "The Big Smart Improv Show". You'll love it!

Saturday, Nov 10th at the Gas Station Theatre 8pm
The Mainstage show on Saturday will also feature CRUMBS and the festival ensemble. New forms, now shows, new people to fall in love with.

Sunday, Nov 11th at the Gas Station Theatre 8pm
The show that not only features CRUMBS in all their glory, the show does it up CRUMBS & Friends style, which means they'll be playing with their friend Joe Bill. This will be an improv super team of awesome and you should not and will not miss it for the world.

Who's this Joe Bill guy anyways?

Buy tickets! Seriously, buy tickets! Tickets for all the shows are only $10 each.
you can reserve your tickets by calling 204-284-9477
Even better, buy your tickets online to not be disappointed! ONLINE TICKETS

Thank you and enjoy the festival!