CRUMBS tours end

The CRUMBS fall tour of 2012 is all over... It was great.
Our last stops were in Idstein (a little village nobody as heard of) and Munich (a big village that everyone has heard of).

We did this show in a really cool venue in a converted barn. Really cool vibe. Can't wait to come back to this place. The show was about a love story in s series of flashbacks where a woman had to choose between her family and stability and the hot times she had with Rico. The scary story was a young newly wed couple who venture to a spooky house owned by some sort of demon.
Fun times.

In Munich we get to hang out with Isar 148. We love them as anyone who has ever read this website before knows. We also got a dose of hang-outs with a number of other people. It was pretty much the best way to end a tour... with a reunion of friends.
Who did we get to see?

-Becky Johnson (who was in Munich doing a real honest to god play)
-Amy Shostak (in Germany to do the Wurzburg Festival)
-Christian Capozzoli (in Germany to do the Wurzburg Festival)
-Felipe Ortiz (in Germany to do the Wurzburg Festival)

Crazy lucky right?

Show number 1 in Munich!
 The bar of soap and architecture teaching show:
A shower without any soap leads Thomas to stumble upon a murder scene. The cops quickly arrest him under suspicion of murder... they aren't very good at being cops really. Meanwhile, an architecture student (who happens to be really bad at being a student) gets mistaken for a genius (with photographic memory). This leads him to work with other people on their Phd and eventually to work for the cops (who think he's a psychic). He eventually ends up forming a band with the cops (they all don't really want to do what they are doing, which is just as well). The band they form is Rush. Good name huh?

Show number 2 in Munich!
The undertaker and handkerchief show:
An undertaker hires a new employee who he sees as having what it takes, they both had an obsession with dead animals when they were young. The new undertaker ends up being a true artists and with his first corpse he is inspired by Picasso to deconstruct the human form. It is a hit and the business gets famous for the "re-invention" of the human body in death.

We also follow the story of a man who is in a dead end job and suffering. His boss tells him of a place he can go to dress better, because as everyone keeps saying "there's just something missing" with every outfit he puts on. At the shop he is given a handkerchief, not just any handkerchief, one that makes him irresistible. He is given a promotion and then even set up with his boss's daughter. The handkerchief of course gives him nothing but trouble and he is forced to give it back and accept his boring life.

Then we were done. And we again jumped onto a plane and flew home. Back to Winnipeg to sleep........ wait. NO SLEEP! We've gotta put on the Winnipeg if... Improv Festival!