CRUMBS keeps keepin' on.

Well it looks like CRUMBS is going to keep doing the CRUMBS things. Which means, we're going to keep doing improv shows. Not that we thought that we wouldn't...

You can look forward to an amazing show coming up on Friday, January 25th. We have our good friends the "National Theatre of the World" visiting Winnipeg from their home in Toronto. We are lucky enough to be doing a show with them.  This is a midnight show (yes, a special late night show). Don't be fooled by the pictures in the poster though. We won't have Dj Hunnicutt playing music, instead, we have the amazing Mama Cutsworth playing the Dj music (as it runs out, is a tradition for Mama Cutsworth to Dj the show when NTOW is in town). Also, the NTOW might even have extra guests included in the show.

This show will be a treat to perform and a treat to watch... wish I could do both.

The show will be at the Gas Station Arts Centre in Osborne Village. Get your tickets by calling 204-284-9477.