CRUMBS Berlin or Bust 15

CRUMBS is looking forward returning to Europe for another tour. How many tours have CRUMBS done in Europe?

The answer is 15!

Yes indeed folks, CRUMBS is in fact going on their 15th European Tour! FIFTEEN times touring across Europe seems like a lot doesn't it? The thing is, people over there still want to see us, so we'll keep going there. It's that easy.

But we're also having a CONTEST. You see, we don't have any promo pictures of Lee with his new beard so we need YOUR help. Photoshop a beard onto Lee and post it on the event page. We will show the pictures at the Berlin or Bust show and choose a winner. The winner will win the price of their tickets.

Here are some examples of submitted Lee Beard pictures:

What's photoshop? What, do live under a rock? Do you not know what a computer is? Well, maybe you don't need to use photoshop, you could also use MS paint, or a pencil on a printed picture. As long as you put a beard on Lee.

Now here is a bonus picture that mashes up our faces. The horrifying power of photoshop.

Look at this, another bonus photoshopped picture. Here we have Grewg and Fraz and a whole bunch of "soft points" by Outside Joke.

Okay, now we're at the end of the post. You should also be reminded that CRUMBS does our radio show on Mondays at 5pm on 101.5 UMFM


CRUMBS does free improv shows at the King's Head Pub on Tuesdays... more specifically... the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.