CRUMBS more Switzerland and more pictures

So yes, I'm slacking on the updates. I post some words and some pictures and I take too long, and I'm behind on my posts and the words and pictures aren't in order. I seem to care more about posting pictures than really giving you any updates. I'm sorry.

Well, here is some sort of update.

We started the tour off in Switzerland. We then went to Berlin and took part in a wonderfully huge IMPRO Festival. Now we're in Austria working with TiB creating a show we are both excited about.

First of all, Switzerland.

We went to a place called Schaffhausen in Switzerland. It was our first time there. This is one of those pretty little Swiss towns that everyone wants to go to and take pictures of. I even posted a picture from this town in the last post. We were there to do a show at some sort of conference, which is different than what we usually do, shows for people who know what improv is already. So after a little longer than usual getting the audience warmed up to the idea of us making up a show, they were on our side and loved it.

The Show:
Secret evil shoes accidentally sold to a rich woman who is the matriarch in a rich family. The shows were developed by a Russian spy mastermind and turns the wearer of the shoes into an assassin. Of course she developed laser eyes.
The show also involved an astronaut who has never had mission without someone being killed, usually the whole crew. Here he is on one last mission, this time to the moon. This time with a bunch of kids, one of whom just happens to be his friend's son. Oh the crazy crazy adventures we make up.

We then went to Baden to do a show. Baden is just outside of Zurich. We've done a lot of shows there in the past, which means that the audience knew exactly what they were getting into.

*I must mention that in Baden backstage... we were sooooooo well taken care of. We ate amazing food (home made vegan dips and spreads for Lee and I and hotdogs for Tyler... I think he ate a hundred hotdogs!)

*I must also mention the fun we had backstage in Baden.

The Show:
A young couple are expecting their first child, this leads us to discover that her mother-in-law will take a walk into the woods during a storm and die, as is a tradition in their family. The young mother goes out to save the old mother and convinces her that there is something to live for... free sex sex and more sex. The mother-in-law then enjoys anonymous groups sex at secret swinger clubs.
What a life.

We also explore the world of base jumping and extreme sports as one famous base jumper comes out of retirement to do one last stunt for a whole ton of money to prove he's better than the new base jumper who is getting all the glory. I don't want to spoil it for you... he dies at the end.

Then we went to Winterthur. They have an amazing theatre there that we've played before. This time we were invited to take part in a comedy showcase show. The show was taped live for TV and will be broadcast across Switzerland. It turns out that we were the very first Canadian group on the show. Neat huh?

The Show:
A child psychologist who uses his influence to amass criminal masterminds at a young age. And a cuban couple who find love right before being eaten by a shark just off the coast. Tragedy and comedy... fit for Swiss television.

We also spent some time in Zurich doing wonderful Zurich things... like teaching the Swiss improv workshops. Zurich is great, expensive, but great.

Next stop... well... Next post... Berlin IMPRO Festival 2013!