CRUMBS in the Summer time

So, it's summer time, the weather is hot and it's time to relax. So what if the weather isn't exactly hot, it is still time to relax.

CRUMBS thanks all those many people who enjoyed our show this year at the Fringe. It was another sold out run of shows at the King's Head Pub. We certainly hope there weren't too many of you out there that stood in line only to be disappointed by the SOLD OUT sign being posted right before your turn to buy tickets. We are serious when we say "Get your advance tickets NOW!".

The CRUMBS show this year at the festival involved TRUTH, and truth be told, it worked out famously. Some of the stories that inspired the shows include:

-A woman who was picked up in Ireland at the airport by her professional wrestler fiancé... along with his pregnant girlfriend. (Yes, that's an actual picture of the actual guy)

-A married couple who had the husband tell the wife to be that they would never ever ever get married.

-A cook (just a cook) on a US military submarine who moved to Winnipeg for love.

-A rocket scientist (who insisted that he was just a technician) who travelled on a "bumpy" road in a short cut at the Grand Canyon.

-A drunken kiss at a Bomber game becomes love.

-A break up story... where friends of the ex-girlfriend were actually in the audience too... amazing!

We should also mention the amazing run of shows that the Big Stupid Improv Show had at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. We had so many great guests play some improv make'em ups with us. Lee also had the chance to again display his improv game show format (The Big Smart Improv Show) and Mama Cutsworth made the music sound even better than music should even sound. A thank you to all the players and people involved with making that show a success.

In fact, a huge shout out goes out to all the improv that happened at the Winnipeg Fringe this year. This was a record year for Fringe attendance, and a record year for the amount of improv there was. Over 11% of the total number of companies were listed as either improv or sketch comedy (as I've mentioned before). This is huge. And great.

Look for more CRUMBS in your future.

Perhaps on the Radio. We still do our long running live radio show every Monday at 5PM CST on 101.5 UMFM.

Perhaps at the King's Head. We continue our long running shows on Tuesday nights upstairs at the pub. The Free Laughs Comedy Show does a FREE show every Tuesday at 9PM. The show is sometimes IMPROV, sometimes STAND-UP, and sometimes SKETCH COMEDYand is ALWAYS great!

Perhaps just walking down the street, sometimes we walk down the street.