CRUMBS moves on

So another Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival has come and gone. Another wave of amazing improv shows, workshops, guests and good times have washed over Winnipeg. Winnipeg and improv has been re-energized by the awesomeness of all all that performed and attended. Thank you Winnipeg. We say goodbye to Joe Bill (above) and all the guest who were here:

Instant Theatre from Vancouver

Business from Regina

Rapid Fire Theatre from Edmonton

Hey look, a bonus picture of Gord Tanner... we were happy to have Gord take part in his first ever Winnipeg improv festival.

The festival also included Kevin McDonald from that TV show in the 90's... you know, The Kids in the Hall.

Now it's time to dust off and move on.

Moving on to shows that still exist. Improv continues at the King's Head. The rumours are untrue, the show must go on.

Though there has been some unfortunate changes at the King's Head on Tuesdays, improv lives on and continues. The comedy shows on Tuesdays have been going on at the King's Head for going on 7 years and really was the instigator for all the comedy explosions rocking the city right now. So comedy lives, improv lives, the show lives on. And while CRUMBS goes away on tour, Outside Joke flies in and does their thing to keep the stage warm with improv.

See Outside Joke do their improv thing at the King's Head on:

Tue, Oct 15th
Tue, Nov 5th
Tue, Nov 19th

Also, check out the Outside Joke season of Yuks.
The next show is Nov 8th at the Gas Station Arts Centre. Of course, just click links and google to find out when all their shows are.

CRUMBS has a little bit of touring left in 2013. CRUMBS will be in Europe doing their shows and their workshops to all the wonderful Europeans. 

Check that out HERE

CRUMBS will also be in Toronto for a festival with the National Theatre of the World. It will be amazing. It will be Dec 11th - 15th and it will be in a clickable link soon.