CRUMBS away and at home

Just because CRUMBS are now away in the land of Europe spreading the good word of improv and theatre and comedy to all the Europeans doesn't mean there isn't important things happening back at home in Winnipeg. Oh no, quite the opposite.

101.5 UMFM is having their 2nd annual Pledge-O-Rama to raise funds to keep supplying Winnipeg and the world with top quality radio. Radio that just happens to include a weekly dose of CRUMBS. For almost 10 years CRUMBS have been producing and airing a live radio show on Mondays. When CRUMBS are actually in Winnipeg, you can hear them live on Mondays at 5pm on 101.5 UMFM.

You love your ears, you love listening to things. Why not put your money where your ears are and support local independent radio.

The King's Head is still your home of amazingly hilariously awesome comedy shows. Every Tuesday there is a FREE comedy show upstairs at the King's Head Pub. The show starts at 9pm and rotates between improv and stand-up comedy and improv and comedy comedy. So much comedy.

While CRUMBS is away, Outside Joke is at the King's Head making sure the improv still gets "made up".

Outside Joke also has other improv fish to fry... can I say that? Can I say "other improv fish to fry"? What I mean to say is that Outside Joke is also producing a season of shows at the Gas Station Arts Centre including a series of workshops.

Click this LINK for the info and the deets!

So until we see each other again, either on the road somewhere in Europe, or on the airwaves of UMFM or at the King's Head Pub laughing it up, keep being cool.