CRUMBS Improv Vs Stand-Up

CRUMBS would love love love to see you all at the Gas Station Theatre for the upcoming show/party that CRUMBS is putting together on Sat, Feb 22nd.

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The show will not only feature the improv you have grown to love and expect, we've also invited some of Winnipeg's stand-up comics to give you a taste of some comedy told standing up and into a mic. We're also going to have the musical wizardry of Leif (who is known for his musicianship with Outside Joke and The D&D Improv Show).

Wait, don't all the improvisers and the stand-up comics always feud about who is the better/best comedic art form?

Well, this upcoming show at the Gas Station Arts Centre is kind of like this small excerpt from a little skit:

Bill- "Hey, you got your stand-up in my improv!"

Bob- "Hey, you got your improv all over my stand-up!"

Bill & Bob- "This combo tastes HILARIOUS!!!"

The first half of the show will feature the stand-up comics telling jokes into a microphone. You'll enjoy the Stand-Up mic telling comedy stylings of such comics of:

 Ben "Old Ball Coach" Walker

John "B" Duff

Dan "Sciency" Robertson

Paul "Rabs" Rabliauskas


Plus... as a bonus... a weekly bonus... an audio bonus for your ears... be sure to tune into the CRUMBS radio show every single Monday at 5pm CST on 101.5 UMFM.

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What else is going on #1

Well. CRUMBS also has a show this Tuesday at the King's Head as part of the weekly comedy shows that happen there FOR FREE!

This Tuesday we have a very special guest. Mr Stephen Eric McIntyre will be joining us onstage. He is one of the godfathers of improv in Winnipeg, practically having to invent improv himself because back when he started doing it, barely anyone knew how to do it.

He's also the star of TV and FILM! He's a real actor!

Here's the Facebook EVENT

Here's Stephen Eric McIntyre's IMDB page

What else is going on #2

Well, Well, Stephen Sim will be hosting an Oscar party as part of the Winnipeg Film Group's fundraiser. It will be on Sunday, March 2nd (the same time as the Oscars... duh!). The Oscars will be broadcast live on a big screen and there will be a red carpet and prizes and food and drink. All of your favourite things.

More details? Click HERE!

What else is going on #3

Well, Well Well. The Winnipeg Comedy Festival is coming up in April and while Lee is away touring the CRUMBS banner across Europe, Stephen will be representing. He'll not only be introducing all the shows at the Gas Station Theatre, he'll also be hosting and performing in the improv show being presented on Tuesday, April 8th. The show is called "Doctor Whom & and Lords of Improv" which is a nerd-a-rific send up celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sci-Fi classic Dr Who. The show will feature players from the CBC radio show The Irrelevant Show, which means that Winnipeg will see Mark Meer (known globally not only for his amazing improv skills but as the voice of Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect video game... we did say nerd-a-rific).

Details about the Winnipeg Comedy Festival show HERE

Mark Meer on IMDB

Thanks for reading the internet... see you at the shows.