CRUMBS thanks y'all

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the CRUMBS show on Feb 22nd. The stand-ups killed it and the improv was beautiful (if we do say so ourselves). So who won the battle for comedic victory? Was is the rapid fire polished jokes of the stand-up comics? Was it the smooth hilarious narratives of the improv? It was the audience who won, the audience always wins.

 Thanks to Leif for doing his musical music thing for the show.

Thanks to Ben "Old Ball Coach" Walker for being the Dodge Neon of comedy.

Thanks to John B Duff for kicking Cancer in the ass!

Thanks to Dan "Mad Genius" Robertson for drinking the "Pirate Lemonade".

Thanks to Paul "Baby Face" Rabliauskas for being like a VHS tape.

So now what? So what shows are coming up next? Well let me tell you...

March 4th at the King's Head
The last show for CRUMBS before Lee goes away on tour and leaves Stephen home to hold the fort down. C'mon down to this FREE and special show at the King's Head.

You do know that you can (and should) be going to the King's Head every single Tuesday for a FREE comedy show as part of the ongoing and never ever stopping comedy shows on Tuesday at the King's Head. We've renamed the show COMEDY KNIGHTS at the King's Head, but it is still the same old FREE LAUGHS show that promises the best in improv, stand-up and comedic comedy live for you.

What other regular shows are out there? Well, Wednesdays at the Cheer in Osborne Village hosted by Ben "OBC" Walker. You can also be a part of a new night happening on Thursdays at the Times Changed on Main Street hosted by Chantal Marostica.

The CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival is coming up in April and that means that Winnipeg becomes the funniest place on Earth for one week. There will be some amazing comedy converging in this city and you all need to be a part of it. There will also be some improv happening, Mark Meer from the Irrelevant Show on CBC radio will be doing some improv and YOU simply MUST experience the BRILLIANCE of this show.

Here is the show LINK for you to CLICK

Friday, April 18th at the Park Theatre
The Winnipeg Comedy Showcase featuring the stand-up amazingness of:
John B Duff, Mike Green, Dan Verville, Ryan Ash, Dan Glasswick and Keener. Get your tickets and then get your laugh on.

Here is the LINK for this SHOW

You know what? There's probably even more shows. I'll have to update this even more because Winnipeg is just exploding with amazing live comedy shows.