CRUMBS and the Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival!

The summer sets like the sun and the autumn falls upon us like a warm blanket.
-a poem

The fall means several things:
-We "fall back" and screw with our clocks.
-We launch the theatre season and comedy season and improv season of shows.
-We get excited about the 15th Annual Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival

CRUMBS has always worked at spreading improv across Canada and the world. We've toured our show and taught our master classes in so many cities and to so many people. CRUMBS has also grown improv here at home in Winnipeg. One of the ways we do that is by bringing improv players and improv ideas right here to our hometown.

The 15th Annual Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival is one of the best times to bring all these players and ideas and shows and workshops and parties together... I suppose that is what a festival really is.

This year CRUMBS is excited about doing a full show with Kevin McDonald (The Kids In The Hall). This show is sure to become legendary and everyone should probably get their Tickets NOW to ensure you are among the hundreds left without tickets huddled around the doors to try and catch a glimpse.

CRUMBS with Kevin McDonald
Sat, Oct 4th at 11PM
Gas Station Arts Centre


Other cool things happening at this year's festival:

Collaboration with la Lim (the French improv in Winnipeg)
Thu, Oct 2nd at 8pm

Collaboration with the Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival
Sat, Oct 4th at 8pm

Collaboration with the Manitoba Association of Playwrights
Sat, Oct 4th at 8pm

Collaboration with the local Stand-up Comedy scene
Fri, Oct 3rd at 8pm

Collaboration with improv players from Germany, Edmonton and Vancouver with the amazing local players from right here in Winnipeg...

Every night of the festival from Sept 30th to Oct 4th!