CRUMBS races towards the end of 2014

Oh yes, it seems that every year starts out strong, but every year ends. Has there ever been a year that was so good and strong that it lasted longer than a year? NO! Take that year, no matter how good or bad you are, you always last the same amount of time (leap years get a couple days more).

So is it winter now? Not according to the stars, astrologically speaking we are still falling towards winter. But now that the snow has sprinkled it's nasty blanket on our city, winter feels like it's here. So why not go to a show at the King's Head that just flies in the face of cold. Improv and comedy and theatre that can melt the coldest of hearts and instil the hot hot heat of hope.

CRUMBS & Friends returns to bring you the funny with Dj Hunnicutt and special guest improvisers.


But wait... where's Lee White? Lee is on tour in Europe. CRUMBS splits in half and double teams the world of improv. Catch Lee somewhere in Europe by using this Lee Stalker App.


What else is on the horizon before this year is done?

CRUMBS radio show is every Monday from 5-6pm on 101.5 UMFM. There is some special guests scheduled in the coming weeks. LINK to UMFM!

Monday, Nov 17th JD Renaud

Monday, Nov 24th Matt Moskal


Oh hey, why not VOTE for CRUMBS on the Best of Winnipeg internet vote-y thing? It is for the Uniter and you can VOTE for CRUMBS as the best comedian OR the best radio show OR maybe even the best laundromat (even though it isn't a category).


What else is on the Horizon of cool... I mean... warmth?

It will be a fundraiser for Art City & The Graffiti Gallery. Plus it will be so full of talent.


The Gas Station Theatre needs YOU!

The Gas Station Arts Centre is going to become a full out ARTS CENTRE but we need to re-build. A bigger theatre, a bigger lobby, a rehearsal space, artist housing, monthly income funding the arts. All this greatness needs greatness from you. Please use the internet for good and help us raise the funds.


Plus, you know that some more shows are coming down the pipe... let's just hope that the pipes don't freeze.