Today I Learned

Winnipeg successfully hosted the very first TiL show this Tuesday, Nov 4th at the King's Head Pub as part of the ongoing Comedy Knights comedy series.

TiL is a comedy show inspired by the TED talks we love so much. TiL stands for Today I Learned and aims to be as packed with information as it is packed with hilarity.

The show featured some of Winnipeg's brightest minds and hosted by Stephen Sim. He will be fresh from Emceeing the TEDxUManitoba event all day at the University of Manitoba, so you know he'll be all hopped up on TED and ready for the TiL show.

Tim Gray = Relationship Advice
JD Renaud = Robocop
Robyn Slade = Buzzwords
Caitlin Curtis = Dogs Will Be Dogs
Andrea del Campo = Depression Era Home Economics
Andrew Lizotte = Science vs Magic
Cathy Hebert = Carbon footprint
Ryan Ash = How to Make the Internet a Nicer Place

Join us this Tuesday, and every single Tuesday, for a FREE comedy show at the King's Head Pub.

Jokes Worth Sharing

This show is inspired by TED of course as well as a show that has been running in Toronto for years called Trampoline Hall as well as a one-time TED talk parody that happened in Vancouver called KEN