It's finally 2015!

The future is now... or at least the future is soon.

It is finally 2015, the futurist sounding year since 2001 and 2010. Unfortunately it happens to be the year that the Back to the Future franchise named in their movie so now we the public are going to be bombarded with Back to the Future references, jokes and complaints.

 The most common complaints will of course be:

- Where's my flying car?
- Where's my Hoverboard?

Instead it really should be:

-Why aren't we all using FAX machines so much?

But enough about Back to the Future... really... I'm wishing already that the movie franchise had been more ambiguous with the date.

2015 looks like a pretty good year, at least when it comes to shows. The first CRUMBS show of 2015 happened already at the King's Head, and it was pretty great. The Theatre Projects Manitoba season of 2015 started with "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" and that was pretty great. CRUMBS member Stephen Sim was lucky enough to be one of the rabbits.

When is the next CRUMBS show?

Tuesday, Feb 3rd at the King's Head

CRUMBS brings you an improvised show that has not only taken the world by storm, it has actually caused storms, and the storms are super crazy. Perhaps you've heard of a little thing called "Global Warming"? Yeah, sorry about that. The King's Head pub hosts a weekly comedy night aptly named "Comedy Knights". It happens every Tuesday and it happens to be FREE. These shows have been so good, the climate has changed so much, that the room has been PACKED and the icecaps are MELTING. Show up early to ensure you have a good seat and that your home isn't too close to the rising sea levels. Dj Hunnicutt will be serving up the sweet sultry tunes and the King's Head will be serving up the sweet sultry boozes. Let's all drink and laugh together before the world ends and all the Polar Bears have drowned.

When are the other CRUMBS shows?

Feb 17th + March 3rd (and they continue of course but you'll see some more updates)

What else is going on?

Comedy shows are so ongoing and weekly. Let me tell you about some of the live comedy shows that keep happening in Winnipeg.

Sundays at the Cavern:
This is an open mic comedy night that happens at the Cavern (below the Toad on Osborne St). It is hosted by John B. Duff and it happens every other week.

Mondays at the HUB:
This is a stand-up show all the way down at the University of Manitoba and is one hot room.

Tuesday at the King's Head:
This show is of course the legendary Comedy Knights comedy show and you of course know it. Sometimes it's CRUMBS, sometimes it's stand-up comedy, sometimes it hosts other experimental comedy shows... but it is always super awesome and super free.

Wednesdays at Jeckle & Hyde's:
This is a great stand-up room hosted by Ben Walker. This is honestly one of my favourite stand-up rooms.

Thursdays at the Handsome Daughter:
This stand-up comedy show is hosted by Mike Green at the bar that used to be the Rose & Bee (and it also used to be the Standard, Eddie's Garage and who knows what else).

Fridays & Saturdays... 
Just go to Rumors, or go out and and make your own comedy or find some special theatre show to go to at the Gas Station Theatre.

Speaking of the Gas Station Theatre:

Did you all know that the Gas Station Arts Centre produces the Winnipeg Comedy Festival? Did you know that CRUMBS' own Stephen Sim is now working for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival? Did you know that the Winnipeg Comedy Festival just got a whole lot funnier as a result of that?

Look for more Comedy Festival posts and info soon on this site and on their official site!