CRUMBS again

Let's CRUMBS again. Let's keep CRUMBSing together shall we? CRUMBS is returning to the Fringe to perform at the King's Head pub again. You love it, we love, everybody loves it.

"It takes a lot of practice to be this good at making stuff up."   -CBC 2015 (5 STARS)

Here are the dates and times for you to program into you phone or write into your calendar:

Wed July 15 8:45pm
Thu July 16 10:30pm
Fri July 17 7pm
Sat July 18 10:30pm
Sun July 19 10:30pm
Mon July 20 7pm
Tue July 21 8:45pm
Wed July 22 7pm
Thu July 23 10:30pm
Fri July 24 10:30pm
Sat July 25 8:45pm

Venue #14 King's Head Pub

But what other Fringe shows do you need to know about?

The Big Stupid Improv Show
The improv jam show hosted by CRUMBS and featuring all of your favourite fringe performers and improvisers and comedians together on one stage. An improv show that is so big and so stupid we were required by fringe laws to name it what we did. 

"Put it at the top of your list if you're looking for a laugh and are unafraid to put your best and worst ideas into action."   -CBC 2015 (4 STARS)

Wed July 15 6:30pm
Thu July 16 12pm
Fri July 17 9pm
Sat July 18 5:15pm
Sun July 19 12pm
Mon July 20 4:15pm
Wed July 22 9:45pm
Fri July 24 2:45pm
Sat July 25 5:30pm
Sun July 26 7:15pm

Venue #21

What Could Go Wrong?

Hold on, you get a comedy show written AND performed by Caitlin Curtis AND Stephen Sim? What could go wrong?  

Thu July 16 9pm
Sat July 18 1:45pm
Sun July 19 7:15pm
Thu July 23 12pm
Fri July 24 5pm
Sat July 25 3:30pm
Sun July 26 5:30pm

Venue #2
MTC Up the Alley    174 Market Ave.

Enter from back alley (John Hirsch Pl.)

The LINK to buy your advance tix!

Facebook Event Page LINK

Revenge of the Meek

Andrew Lizotte has crafted a comedy play about religion. Hilarious right? Throw in a stellar cast of performers and some comedic and production guidance from Stephen Sim, and you have a very fringy play with a brain a heart and an everlasting soul. It's a comedy, we swear to God!

Wed July 15 10pm
Sat July 18 Noon 
Sun July 19 7:15pm
Mon July 20 6:15pm
Wed July 22 2:30pm
Fri July 24 4:45pm
Sat July 25 7:15pm

Venue #6    Tom Hendry Warehouse

LINK to get your advance TIX

LINK to the facebook event page

What other shows are coming up before the Fringe?

June 24th
HUNKS & Big Stupid Improv Show

See Winnipeg's newest improv troupe do their 3rd show at the Park Theatre and then take part in an improv show guided by the improv mastery of the Big Stupid Improv Show!

Facebook event LINK!

Tuesday, June 30th
Fringe Preview at the King's Head

The Comedy Knights last show of the season will be a Fringe Preview show! Come and get a free tasting menu of all the comedy and improv shows at the Fringe. Then when the Fringe comes along in July you'll know exactly what gourmet shows you'll want to gorge yourself on. (Metaphors)

CRUMBS, The Big Stupid Improv Show, DnD Improv, Hot Thespian Action, Revenge of the Meek (Thin Lizotte Productions), What Could Go Wrong? (Stephen Sim & Caitlin Curtis), Turned (the Zombie Improv Show), Biggest Little Child Star (Melanie Dahling), The Unchosen One (Cathy Herbert), and maybe even more.

Thank you, and we will see you at the shows.

p.s. Hi Dad