Improv & Comedy coming up in Winnipeg

Winnipeg shows are coming up. Yes, the world seems to end in February and it seems like nothing will ever be good again. But instead of being depressed, let the comedy and improv melt your heart and make you feel good.

Thank you to all the people in Berlin who came out to the Virtual CRUMBS show we had at the Ratibortheater in Berlin. Lee was live on the stage while Stephen was live in his living room using the magic internet.

What's that? Upcoming shows? Of course!

Tue, Feb 16th
The Comedy Double Date Show

The Comedy Double Date is a real live double date of 

comedy. Two of Winnipeg's power couples of comedy, spanning the world of stand-up, improv and sketch, unite. Tim Gray, Dana Smith, Caitlin Curtis and Stephen Sim combine forces and let you tag along like a fifth wheel on their comedy double date.
All happening at the King's Head Pub as part of the Comedy Knights comedy series that happens ever single Tuesday night.

Look for CRUMBS during the Winnipeg Comedy Festival as it gets closer and closer. Fri, April 8th at the Gas Station Arts Centre.