CRUMBS in 2016

CRUMBS makes up shows in the new year. The very first improv show of 2016 is always filled with prophecy and magic. Many of the story lines end up coming true.

CRUMBS does a show at the King's Head on Thursday, Jan 7th 2016. Now usually CRUMBS would perform at the King's Head on a Tuesday... but the pub isn't open on that Tuesday, so we've opted for the other day of the week that starts with a "T". We will be doing the show with DJ Hunnicutt.


You can catch Lee White hosting a stand-up show at the King's Head on Tue, Jan 12th

You can catch Caitlin Curtis and Stephen Sim as they take they're double act Stephen & Caity on a little West Coast tour. They'll be in Victoria teaching some improv and then they'll be in Vancouver teaching some improv workshops and taking part in the Vancouver SketchFest.

Victoria improv workshops FACEBOOK LINK

Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival LINK

Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival FACEBOOK 

Of course you'll be looking forward to seeing the amazing Virtual CRUMBS show happening in... well in Berlin on Feb 4th. Some of the show happens in Winnipeg and then it's stuffed into small tubes and the digital information is sent to Berlin and projected live onstage at the Ratibortheater. A CRUMBS show that happens with the help of technology.

Of course, you can also catch Lee White in Europe because he is in Europe in the new year.

Of course you can also catch CRUMBS on the radio

on 101.5 UMFM every Monday at 5pm

Of course you catch live comedy and improv at various venues in the city every week...

Sundays at the Cavern

Mondays at the HUB

Tuesdays at the King's Head Pub

Wednesdays at Jekyll & Hyde's

Thursdays at handsome Daughter

Thank you