so my interweb is gone.
i can't really complain, i was getting it free with wireless luck (and it just ran out).

events of the past little bit:

laugh riot 3 (the stand-up comedy show) was cancelled due to the venue being closed in an emergency plumbing situation. i was going crazy trying to spread the word, but without interweb it was hard. i am sorry everyone.

manitoba improv league semi-finals happened. all at the wonderful ramada entertainment centre (corner of garry and ellice). we have now officially selected the top 6 teams who will move on to the finals (march 4th and 5th, same place). the teams are...
kelvin, grant park, jh bruns, westwood, fort richmond, vincent massey.

pulford improv palace shows are going great. what a nice little room for some nice little shows.
109 pulford street (across from the gas station theatre)