CRUMBS is a duo with a Dj
CRUMBS is an improv company
CRUMBS is a comedy troupe
CRUMBS is improvisational theatre
CRUMBS is freestyle comedy
CRUMBS is a radio show
CRUMBS is an improv school
CRUMBS is a festival
CRUMBS is a show
CRUMBS is Stephen Sim and Lee White
CRUMBS is playing with Dj Hunnicutt

CRUMBS is an international improv duo from Winnipeg that first formed in 1997. They have been touring all over the world with their stripped down lo-fi improv comedy theatre show. They've also been known to perform stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, write, direct, produce and be awesome. They also are lucky enough to be able to perform with Dj Hunnicutt, who happens to be an amazing Dj that really "gets it".

Stephen Sim and Lee White have been performing comedy together since the early 1990's in several forms.They started using the name CRUMBS in 1997 in a project experimenting with comedy. Now they are they the toast of the International Improvisation Theatre scene, having practically created the European improv touring circuit.

CRUMBS Stephen and Lee stretched out feelers to whatever improvisation was going on outside of Winnipeg. The thing is, CRUMBS never stopped putting out their feelers, and they have become one of the world's most international improv companies, having performed in: Canada, The United Stated, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Turkey, New Zealand and the UK.

CRUMBS has had the fortune of touring so much and getting to work with so many talented companies. This has meant that CRUMBS has been able to work with every single improviser in the world at least once, some of them are even considered to be gurus, innovators and pioneers in the art form. They then steal of the good ideas from all over the world and use them for themselves. It has worked out pretty well for them. 

They perform with Dj Hunnicutt when they are lucky enough to have him. Hunnicutt provides an improvised score to the scenes and easily plays with the already cinematic style of play. Sometimes there are even live video mixed into the live CRUMBS show. All this and more from Dj Hunnicutt AKA Tyler Sneesby.

CRUMBS is known for their cinematic storytelling, their absurd characters and their laid back, lo-fi style of performance. People also think it's funny.

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