report on GRAZ

For a couple of days we were in Graz (Graz, Austria is a great town). In fact, it is Lee's favourite city in the world. It is one of my favourites, it would be to hard to put it at number one (especially now that Lee has said it.)

Did a show on the Monday night which was so fun. I would have liked to have done the show with 'Theatre Im Bahnhof' because they are so good, but we did the crumbs show thing.

The show plot lines (just to give you an idea) were as follows: We had the girl trying to get into the cool crowd at school, the bitter old men complaining about past mistakes, the math teacher who was a number junkie and a couple other stories all mixed together. Everything ended up working out in the end and happily ever after, even for the two old bitter men.

The good news is Graz still has the Island they built in the middle of the river. Last year Graz was the European Cultural Capital. Every year The Board of European Culture Deciders picks one or two cities in Europe to represent the Cultural Capital. The City gets a bunch of Grant money and they do stuff. Graz built an Island, an elevator up the side of an odl statue, a huge 'Kulturehaus' in the shape of a liver (or possibly a kidney), and probably more stuff I didn't get to see. So Graz was going to tear down the Island after the 'Cultural Capital' year, it made no sense to build this cool 'building' and then tear it down. I was even threatening to run for mayor (burgermeister) to save the Island. It turns out some Grazians also shared my love and saved it. It turns out that Graz actually has a long history of creating art that had intended to be temporary and ends up being permanent. Perhaps this is how they became European Cultural Capitalists in the first place (well, in 2004).

After Graz, comes the story of Göttingen... But that is another post.