In Deutch -burg is castle and -berg is mountain, but Nürnberg has a better castle then Freiburg... what gives?

Anyways, we hung out with one of germany's most famous improvisers and one of our biggest proponents Sigi. It is always a fun time with Sigi in your corner. When we were in Göttingen we gave Lars the nickname 'the coach' but Sigi needs no nickname whatsoever.

We did a Crumbs show in one set, we did a mixed show with '6 auf Kraut' in the secound half and the show went pretty well. We even had some fans come up from Wurtzburg.

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention our tour mistake! We actually did the cliche mistake. We get on the stage and thank the audience and tell them it is good to be in Nürnberg and the audience yells that we aren't in Nürnberg, we are in Fürth. And Fürth is the little town attached to Nürnberg with the inferiority complex... Oops.

Oh well, we did a show the next night in Nürnberg proper. It was a part of a festival called bleu night (or something like that) where everything is free. Museums, art galleries, music and theatre. So people would wander in and out of the show, it was quite distracting actually because the door was right beside the stage. It was a nice stage though and we played more for us then anyone (and performed for 4 hours).

We got our live cakes* and left town. Thank you Sigi and Romina.

*live cakes are famous Nürnberg gingerbread cakes