Report on Frankfurt

Frankfurt, home of the airport.

While we had been in Frankfurt before (airport and trainstations) this was our first ever trip onto its streets and mingling with its inhabitants. Our host group was Appler Express and we were to perform in the Gallus Theatre. For the first two nights we performed we actually stayed in the basement of the theatre. It was a mix of awesome and strange to sleep in the empty building after everyone had gone.

The shows were very fun to do. The first night was our own show and the suggestion was Friday the 13th (because that was the date) and so stories of scary movies and murder tickled the scary bone (and made staying there alone that night that much more scary). We had audiences who travelled in from other cities to see us (which is cool). The second night we performed with Appler Express and jammed some Harold action as well. Good stuff off a suggestion of Clouds: A plane crash on a desserted island forcing the pilot to decide between the flight attendant or the sole passenger, a weather man with a whole new spin on weather reports... don't report the weather, and a mysterious man who sits better then anyone else.

I don't know it even hinting at these shows does anything for the blog readers out there, but it is fun for me none the less.

So after doing some shows and teaching some workshops in Frankfurt it is almost time to say goodbye to Europe. Almost, there is a little bit more adventure to go...