Report on Zuerich

Switzerland, a country so rich that they check you at the border to make sure you have enough money on you to survive.

On our train to Zuerich we had our first late arrival which caused us to miss our stop over. We had to take some regional trains and were then an hour late for our train station pick-up. It all worked out though, and we learned that the 300 seat venue was already sold-out.

We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and realized quick that this wasn't any ordinary hotel. It was the Rock and Roll Hotel. The Fleetwood Mac room and the REM room were ours (we could go our own way and lose our religion). Awesome.

We then showed up at the theatre (Miller's Studio) which was an old Mill, and a very nice looking theatre. We were asked if a singer duo could open up for us because their show's ticket sales were lagging (we said yes). After making sure that we had everything we needed backstage (wine and beer) we started our intense pre-show warm up.

The opening act we could have done without, there is nothing like almost starting the show and just pacing backstage waiting for it to happen...

We hit the stage and re-warmed up the audience to our liking and then we let them have it (it being our show). The suggestion was Dog, which was perfect for that moment. Lee has been threatening to buy a dog upon his return to Winnipeg and Craig goes ga-ga over any dog we have seen on the road. The Show was full of dog and cat stories, an idiot who lost his little sister gambling and all three of us having a ball onstage. The show went so long we didn't even need to do an encore (who knows if this is a good thing of not?>?>?>?). When the dust settled and the pizza arrived, it was a great show. After litting off a few explosives, it was time to go back to the Rock and Roll Hotel.