The Fringe is here...

Well, the Fringe is pretty much here.

The Fringe Festival here in Winnipeg starts on Wed July 20th, but the posters are up, the technical rehersals have begun, the performers are arriving from abroad and all hell is breaking loose, so really the Fringe has started already.

The Fringe is a time to hang out in Old Market Square, see a bunch of shows and do a bunch of shows. It is a time to eat vendor food (the falafel cart and the india booth) to drink beer at the beer tent and people watch.

The Fringe is about seeing live theatre that is taking a risk, from somewhere else or just really cheap. You should see lots of shows. My personal formula is: as many shows as I do, I see.


CRUMBS at venue 4
awesome freestyle long form comedy tragedy play with two actors and one musician

the improv jam show that gets folks from all over the planet to play along together (it is a lot like world peace, but funny)


-Becky and Kevi’s improv experiment and Hootanany
it is at venue 5 and is going to be a fun time. Becky is from Toronto (via Vancouver) and Kevi is from Edmonton (but hung out in Toronto).

-Tales from Another England by Screwed and Clued
This is Justin from Screwed and Clued all by himself, don’t make him feel lonely, go to his show. It is at venue 4.

-Under the Door by RobYn Slade
This show just did a run in L.A. (as in lala land, which is totally the bigtime so check it out). venue 5

-Pajama Men in ’Stop Not Going’
These guys are formally Sabotage, which is a way cooler name, but they know that. This is surreal comedy for those that like fast paced absurdism (and its fun). venue 5

-Everything Falls Apart and More by Rob Appleby
Rob is from Regina, he is with the General Fools and is a really funny guy. I am going to check out his show, so should you. venue 6

-Illuminati: the Musical
What do I need to say... it is going to be weird folks. venue 6

-Heaven’s to Betsy by the Steve Breadstone Experience
These guys are funny and have hung up the sketches to bring you comedy in a multi-media play (both Lee White and Steve Sim make small cameos in the videos). venue 6

-BoyGroove by Chris Craddock
Our buddy Chris writes good funny smart, check it (i did).
venue 6

-pornStar by Chris Craddock
Our buddy Chirs writes good funny smart again. He is from Edmonton and for some reason the shows he writes has titles with capital letters in the middle of the words. venue 9

-Over-sexed Teenage Zombies in a Small Town by Andrea Shawcross
Zombies, that is all you need to know. venue 9

alright, that is enough for now. I will update this with more shows to see when i get some more time (and i start to hear the BUZZ). I hope this isn’t to long a blog.