more fringe action


It is already tuesday and i have not seen enough shows this year. Every year it is the same, so i shouldnt be surprised (but i kinda am).

The CRUMBS show is going well. After an opening show that was in the -alright- catagory, we stepped it up for our secound show (which sold out) and then kept it humming through to our third show (which i believe was a sell out as well). Now we have a 2:15 matinee to look forward to. Improv in the early afternoon is not that great of an idea, but we will see who shows up and what comes out...

The BIG STUPID improv shows are also going well. The crowds are really digging the Search For The Super Scene (which is the form\game we are playing this year. The casting of the shows are the hardest part, what with all the fabulous performers in town right now. It can be stressful to try and satisfy all the improv players and non-players who want to take a crack at it.

shows i have seen so far:

-pornStar by Chris Craddock

-Freak Out Under the Apple Tree by a New York company (which was a really dry and understated and strange comedy, check it if you like comedy from a different place then ususal).

-Pajama Men (formally Sabotage) always funny, i am a huge fan.

-Fully Insured (who are from London, Ontario) Very cool sketch comedy that is like Lo-Fi funny, i loved their transitions into and out of scenes. Kept me guessing as to wether or not the scene was over or not. Liked it a lot, had a blast.

Damn, gotta see more shows now...