stand up show

I did another stand-up comedy show.

It was my first performance at Rumours Comedy Club (which is actually spelled rumors which is the american spelling). This was probably my 12th stand-up performance ever (i have lost track, which is a good sign).

I started doing stand-up comedy for the fun of it. I saw so much crap comedy in the stand-up world i thought i would give it a shot. The bad stuff is so bad, the good stuff is so good (kinda like improv, suckaz). The first time i ever did it, i was scared for the first time onstage in years. I was hooked.

The show at Rumours was an Alternative Comedy Night and it featured some "alternative" comedy. Ron Moore did the show as an 8 mins long talk show, ImproVision did the show as a short form improv set and the show was hosted by a dirty talking comic in a gorilla mask. It was a fun show.

I was scared the whole week leading up to it (i had about one week warning of the show). I was so busy that i didn't write an act and then i just dreaded my slot as the minutes passed. But then i didn't feel the same pressure i usually felt while about to do a stand-up show.

Now part of the point of doing these shows was to get out of my element and take on a new medium. So the challenge for me was to actually write a routine and perform it. And it was both scary and fun. The pressure for me comes from the idea that what i have written and prepared i have actually thought was something worth performing and something i thought was funny. If it bombs, then it means real failure. When an improv show sucks, it was just being made up anyway, the pressure is off.

This show was the first time i actually fully improvised the act. It was fun, i liked it and i think that i had people in the "laugh zone". Perhaps i will do more fusion of the two mediums. The problem is i can't really remember what was in my act (good thing Ron Moore taped it).