the perils of the bike...

Cars are bigger and stronger then bicylces. Vans are bigger then cars. Trucks are even bigger. Let's not even talk about Buses. Bikes are bigger then people though (most people anyway).
What is the point of all this?

I got hit by a car, more accuratly, a van.

Hold on a secound, I am perfectly fine, as is my bike. But jeez, the adrenaline sure is strong.

So there I was, riding my trusty cycle down the street (Princess to be exact, almost at Notre Dame to be even exacter). I am of course paying attention to traffic around me, when all of a sudden a van to my left decides it wants to occupy the space occupied by me. The row of parked cars had just ended and I guess the driver thought they deserved that lane. Well, that meant that i had to suffer. The van turned right onto my front tire and I quickly jumped off my bike and onto my feet (I can thank improv for my fast reflexes, that and the funny one-liner that popped into my head).

I was totally fine, and to my surprise my bike was fine as well. Even though the tire was under the van's wheel, it was perfectly straight after it was backed up. I was fuming though. I instructed the driver to park and get out, I produced my information and received thier contact info. The driver was really nice though, so nice in fact that I couldn't remain pissed off (I'm to nice).

All I could really say was "Pay attention!"

So I am thankful that nobody was hurt, I am thankful that my bike isn't hurt and I am thankful that everything works out in the end.