other shows in edmonton

Other shows to do in Edmonton by CRUMBS:

1- the improv cartoon (the Saturday Morning Pajama Jam) which is Rene's baby. He has created an improvised cartoon on his laptop, which is totally manipulated in real time while the actors supply the voices. We have only done one of these so far, the opening of Rene's run here in Edmonton, and it sure did work.

2- theatresports (produced by the Edmonton super group Rapid Fire Theatre) which just happens to be the world's longest running theatresports show. I (Stephen) have done two of these shows, which have been in a directed show format so far (which is a format I am really getting into lately) I got to play a zombie in a romantic comedy scene... what else is there?

more shows to come, as Lee and I not only rock our CRUMBS style, but rock the cartoon and theatrsports style too.