CRUMBS are in this season!

So here we are back in town and getting ready for a whole season of fun times (and making rent). We had a fabulous spring and summer of touring and shows that brought us to Edmonton for the Fringe there for the first time in 3 or 4 years, as well it had us touring Europe yet again (tour number 6).

But here we are in Winnipeg, it is autumn and we look into winter and wonder what the hell are we gonna do?

First up, we have the Cage Match Winnipeg. This is going on at the King's Head Pub and when we were first asked to do it, we flip flopped and jim jammed. After some more thought we decided to give it a shot. We showed up on Oct 10th and rocked the joint. We were up against Merry's Men and Outside Joke (both are improv heavy hitters in the Peg scene). We were very lucky because there was this asshole heckler who made out job very easy. Needless to say, we did end up getting the audience votes and won the evening. We return Nov 14th to defend our loosley held title.

Second up, we have the CRUMBS ninth birthday anniversay challenge of a show. We hare celebrating with an audience at the Gas Station Theatre on Saturday, October 28th. There will be two shows. The early show is at 8pm and will feature the lovely DJ HUNNICUTT on the turntables making the sound for the freestyle comedy. The late show will be at 10pm and will feature some lovely guests. The shows are $8 each or $12 if you just simply cannot miss either of them.


On King Street (across from old market square)
Every Tuesday there is comedy of some sort.
It starts at 9pm and is FREE!
NOV 14th see CRUMBS defend their title

445 River Ave (at Osborne Street)
Saturday, OCT 28th 2006
10pm with improv guests
$8 ($12 for both shows)