A whole new year

Well, we are a couple of weeks into the new year and I can already feel the winds of change blowing, and they are bringing with them some windchill finally.

CRUMBS is looking forward to some shows in this brand spanking new 2007 (as you have no doubt heard).

1- king's head pub on jan 23rd, feb 20th and mar 20th

2- show with the d.rangers at the times change(d) details TBA

3- show with outside joke at mondragon on feb 9th (i am pretty sure that is correct)

4- the laugh riot show at the mondragon on feb 1st (that one is correct)

5- the IF... Winnipeg Improv Festival Feb 20th - 24th. for more info you can go here and visit the official myspace page.

6- what is myspace? myspace is that evil evil site that has been murdering people all over the world. crumbs has been on the myspace for years...don't worry, it is probably safe That is a good spot to check out when our shows are.

7- Wait! our website is due to be released from the face lift. actually, it is more of a whole new over haul, slim the edges, trim the fat and put out a nice, simple website... that we will then make complicated. check it out here. And if it doesn't work, check it out in a few days. that will be the best place to check out everything crumbs.

8-The short film that we were featured as cops is set to premiere at the NSI Film Festival in Winnipeg on march 2nd at 1:30pm at the Globe Theatre inside portage place mall. the film is called "Cleaner" and it stars Mike Bell of the "royal liechtenstein theatre company". David Evans made the film.

9- we are going to Vancouver to "compete" in the theatresports tournament that they host (this is the 20th anniversary). we will be there feb 15 - 19th. which brings us back right into the improv festival here (ha ha, it will be fine).

10- oh god, what was i thinking?