Noise Pollution & Glaciers

noise pollution and glaciers

The streets today are filled with louder and louder engines. The rage right now is to project the sound of your heads popping as combustion dances. This of course leads to the annoying and all to frequent run-ins with those who no make up for inadequacies with decibels. Yes, volume is the new monster truck. Mostly because when your engine is loud people will look at you, it is really just a macho way of saying "look at me, look at me!".

The future looks (and sounds) bright (and quiet). You see, the current tide of trends are pulling quite strongly towards cleaner power. This cleaner power is silent. The electric car doesn’t have the fat tailpipe that vibrates and shakes the curb as it rockets by. Hydrogen power and batteries are painfully quite. So, with a little luck and a whole lot more propaganda (Mr. Gore, I am looking at you), the days of a Harley Davidson scaring the shit out of you at fuck-o’clock in the morning, are numbered.

Word is still out on weather anything can be done about the bagpipes. Though I hope that the sound of that cat/goat dying, singing it’s sadly beautiful song, never goes the way of the icecaps.