CRUMBS is in Vancouver defending their international Theatresports title at the St. Valentine's Massacre theatresports tournament at the Vancouver Theatresports League.

That is the most I have ever written "theatresports" in one sentence.

The dates of the Tournament are:
Feb 13-17th 2008

Here is a link to the official site: this is where you click

This will be a great weekend of shows (not only because of CRUMBS) as there will be some talented folks doing their "thing". Teams from Toronto, Bellingham, Vancouver, Atlanta, San Fransisco and of course Vancouver. CRUMBS will be representing Winnipeg by the way.

Theatresports is a short form competitive improv format invented by Stephen Sim and Lee White and then ripped off by Keith "Elton" Johnstone. It has swept the world in popularity. It's okay.

Now we just have to hope that no earthquakes hit the west coast...