CRUMBS in Berlin


Holy Moly has time ever flown over the cukoo's nest. They say time flies when you are having fun, but the cukoo's nest?

So the tour started in Koln for me, then led to Berlin for the Berlin International Improv Festival, which thank goodness is in fact in Berlin otherwise it would really be time for a new name. The festival was of course quite good (it always is) and we were able to connect and reconnect with the international improv community which we always get to hang out with at these "international improv events". Enough word play, time to get to the point.

No point really, just stringing words together. I suppose this is more of a exercise in memory and the alleviation of "road boredom". Road boredom? yes, well, road boredom is the state one gets into whilst traveling on the road during a tour that lasts longer than 2 weeks and includes more than 3 cities. I am quite the expert. Now, back to the point (of which, there isn't).

What an amazing city. One of my favourites. So much art, so much life, so much to do... and no time whatsoever to do it. The festival this year was jam packed (actually contained no jam) with so many workshops and shows I am surprised I was even able to realize that I was in fact in Berlin. And I might add that I was in an improvised musical...

What? An improvised musical? You? I know, what the hell was I doing in an improvised musical? Well, because I showed up at the festival late (because of the whole Cologne stop over) i was signed up for the musical. So I did what any professional improv player would have done, I tried to get out of it. Then, while on the way to the "getting out of it" I realized that I should do things I am not used to, I should stretch and learn and grow as a performer, and Christoph told me I had to do it.

The improv musical workshops were actually very good. We sweated. We danced. We sang. We did musical type things. It affected us all, we would even catch ourselves doing a "kick ball step" while waiting for the U-bahn. Seriously though, I think I understand and appreciate the musical a little more now. Sometimes when a character is saying something in a show that is just so emotional that it just cannot be expressed by mere words, and so they sing it. And sometimes singing it just cannot express the immenseness inside that needs out, and so they dance. And when that isn't enough, they write a musical and go to Broadway.

The dust settled, the hail storm passed, the shows ended and the audience finally stopped clapping (really, the festival was over for like three days before the audience would stop) and it was time to wave goodbye to Berlin once again. The tour takes us next to Goettingen to meet up with "The Coach" and check in again (if you remember, last year he was in hospital with "trampoline knee").